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Announcement – 4/26/21

Hey guys! Sorry if I just happened to vanish from existence for like, four months (almost five :O)! I decided to pursue other interests (such as programming, video editing and all). I was still active on, though! Speaking of which I published my game sometime ago!

I also decided to do game jams on! 😀 So that I can try to make friends and all on, too.

So why did I leave WordPress for a while? Well, if I wanted to tell you the full story, I would have to go into great detail! Lol. Which I will because I want to pour out all the emotions, et cetera, et cetera. 😉

If you know me really well, then you must know my interests shift a lot. I get obsessed with something, go on about for a long time, then find something new, lose interest in that old thing, and get obsessed about the new thing! I don’t know if it is a good workflow, but it is my workflow, haha.

I think this might be because I have an inspiration bank for every project and creation I have. I am usually full of inspiration for something, which I why I start projects (and never finish it, I have dozens of projects, mainly writing ones, sitting on the back burner, xD). As I work on a project, though, the inspiration bank starts getting depleted. Usually I also think way ahead of the plotline, too, which depletes inspiration even more. Then I reach a point where the bank is out of inspiration and my interest in the project ceases to exist.

When I spend time off that project, though, I slowly start getting inspiration back. Even if I am not thinking about that inspiration twenty-four-seven, it is still there, so when I come back to old projects, I am so excited and have quadrillions of ideas for it again! LOL. So I think multi-tasking might be the best workflow for me, so my inspiration for each project never runs out completely. Although this does lead to ideas mixing and making a little of a mess, but I can still separate it fine. I even had inspiration for writing this post, lol. I guess it could also be called motivation, but when we are talking about creative projects, I think inspiration makes more sense. 🙂

So after some time, I am taking interest in TCXDR again! 😀 Although this time, I won’t have strict deadlines so I won’t kill myself, haha. But I am also taking interest in other stories. I have also decided to do something else that is in line with the multi-tasking workflow, multi-stories! Or more accurately, writing a chapter of each story and publishing them at even intervals of time. There will be more three stories.

I have had ideas for these stories for a long time, and I have already started writing two of them before TCXDR. Of course, you will see similar elements in these stories. For example, sheer tragedy and depression to the point of suicide (seriously, it gets to that point in all of my stories)! xD There is a runaway element in all these stories, too. It might not be obvious for two of them, but it is still there. For one of them, it might more accurately be rebellion. And most of all, family! Family will always be a theme in my stories, whether be a main one, or just a obscure one. I don’t know why I like the concept so much, but I do. I even push it farther to the point where the main character finds a missing family member (whether it be parent, grandparent, sibling or aunt/uncle) later on in the story. Which will happen in all four of these stories. My protagonists are also usually preteens, too (10-13). Then they become teenagers later on in the story (13-18), and finally become adults (18-)! I like preteens. They are easier to write than teens or adults, xD. When they become teens, though, they are easier to write, too, since they have a ton of backstory. Likewise with adults.

Two of these stories are dystopian stories (and realistic fiction but that is okay)! 😀 Who doesn’t love a good dystopian story? The last story is supernatural like TCXDR! 🙂 I am trying to use original ideas in my stories by mashing multiple themes together and trying to make a perfect blend out of those, though!

The first story’s title is Peace and Evil! It features war. Well, not just war, really. It is about a young girl in an utopian country full of peace, love, and friendship! Like every dystopia, though, there is a fatal flaw with this utopia. The people of the country are too weak to fight off attackers, and therefore they are under attack. The girl tries to fight against the attackers by motivating and cheering up everyone, while also protecting them and becoming a war leader (theoretically, she is still young)! She figures out dark secrets that some people are hiding. So this story is mainly about refuge, rebellion and counterattack against the attackers, and spending time with friends and family! (This story will have a lot of death, though! :O)

The second story’s title is Harmony! It is about major discovery and rebellion! It is about a homonormative country that has only one gender: male. The story takes place way in the future, just so you know. The people of Harmony have no idea women exist. So how are they reproducing? Even far into the future, they haven’t found a way to reproduce asexually, lol! Well, that is where the fatal flaw of Harmony lies! The story focuses on a boy (I am experimenting with a male protagonist, now, yay!) whose father is a geneticist (Hmm…), and has a brother who is only ten months younger. He finds a part-time job, meets a quirky person, and finds about about women. It’s also about friends and family, and finding identity among others. (This features LGBTQ+, of course! 🙂 It might have some “R”-rated elements, though, such as teen pregnancy but are not caused by sex.)

Finally the third story is called The Runaway Demon! The beginning is very similar to TCXDR. Supernatural girl’s mom dies by some strange forces and now she is a runaway. The plotlines are different, though, and they have different powers. It has vampires, demons (not like biblical demons, of course, but earth-dwelling ones) and more! 😀 The main character is a young female fire devil (a kid version of demon) who is really sick and is just trying to get better. Her mother is outside getting medicine until she gets killed. Unlike Xim, though, she tries to find shelter in other supernaturals’ houses but like Xim, tries to figure out more about her mother and her past. (It also has war and death, sort of.)

So yeah! 😀 These will be my stories! Peace and Evil is edited slightly so it doesn’t seem like it was too out-of-place or something. So was The Runaway Demon, since these two stories I have written a few years ago. 😀 Harmony is a new story, though.

I will try to post a chapter of one story each week, so getting a chapter of each story will probably be once a month. So no strict deadlines, lol. Hopefully the stories are still interesting! 🙂 I have a very busy life with parents and younger siblings, and I also am a student, lol, so studying is a main part of my life. I like to code using Godot, too, so I am working on my game(s) as well. I also recently heard about Davinci Resolve, a video editing software where I can edit my videos! 😀 Wondershare Filmora9 puts watermarks and I don’t really have much money to spare so I am using free software! I was editing some videos where my brother and I were roleplaying in a game called Everybody Edits, and we were doing a RPG and all. The roleplay is called Evolution! 🙂 Since I want to bond with my brother, we play Evolution together while recording it. Then I edit the videos to their finest potential! (I don’t know if anyone would be interested, but if you want to see them, then just tell me!) I have online relationships, too! I joke with my family. I am also a human. I sleep, eat, play and make waste. So I also have to eat meals, and I play games in my spare time. And I go to the bathroom and shower, wash my hands, etc.

So I think if I were doing family relationships, academics, Godotting, Davincing, writing TCXDR, PE (Peace and Evil), Harmony and TRD (The Runaway Demon), playing Evolution with my brother, sleeping, eating, having fun, joking around, handling online relationships, and going to the bathroom, all at once, perhaps I can manage, right? 😀 I can try publishing multiple chapters, maybe?

My brain: *gives up*

My body: *pain all over*

My friends: Why is she not talking?

LOL. 😂 So this also contributing to me not being on WordPress for a while. So yeah. xD I am not cut out for working outside of the house. The best job for me would be computer programming and writing, maybe. I won’t have to leave my bed! 😂

Just so you know, the three stories won’t be sims stories (getting pictures for TCXDR was already taking forever, lol), they will just be normal with no pictures, but hopefully that is still fine! Use your imagination! 😉 TCXDR will still be one, don’t worry! It is just so that I don’t lose interest in the stories again and only update once a month for all the stories or worse, quit WordPress again, lol.

As for TCXDR, I will go through deep editing so that it doesn’t seem out-of-place, either, before I publish any new chapters! 🙂 Some parts will need to be deleted (such as Chapter 3, it adds no substance to the story), a few chapters will need to be merged (I split the Prologue and Chapter 1 due to word count, but now the word count is a lot more anyway in the much later chapters, so it doesn’t matter now, xD), and maybe I will also decrease the word count a little (Part 1, I think has the word count of a short novel already, xD). So I will cut out some parts which don’t seem to fit (such as reflections on topics) and add them into chapters where they do fit! 😀 I will also have fewer pictures for each chapter, so you know, my WordPress storage isn’t full, and there aren’t pictures that don’t make sense, or are essentially duplicates or something.

Then I will do the quad-post! 😀 Hopefully this idea is a good idea!

I will also comment on any chapters of yours that I happened to miss during my vacation to! So don’t worry! 🙂 (I will do it in order, though!)

If you want to know anything else about me, I am a perfectionist! To not be perfect is to accept defeat for me, lol! So I can also be stubborn with quality. Why else would it take me three months to finish a platformer of all genres? xD Here are a few examples:

  • Programming: I need there to be twenty levels upon publishing and all the features included! With no bugs either! Bugs are horrible and will ruin the perfection!
  • Video editing: So now I need to delete this one exact frame… the color needs to be correct… and the alignment of the music needs to be PERFECT!
  • Writing: Is the grammar correct? *spends about two minutes trying to fix grammar syntax* Ugh, there are too many unnecessary sentences! Delete! It needs to be perfect!
  • Communication online: *stares at computer for minutes on end wondering for the perfect words to say* This message should be perfect!
  • Communication irl: *mostly nods with what other person says because I can’t think of the perfect thing to say without more time*

Lol, there might be some exaggerations, but that is basically it. If you have anything to say, please do! 🙂 I will start editing TCXDR now!


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