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(PE) Prologue

As I breathed heavily, my sword clutched in my hands, I found myself in a state of panic. We were standing on this very spot, where evil forces would come. “Fiona,” I asked, patiently waiting to see them, “Where is that evil?” Fiona is my best friend. We had a challenge. “Naheh, aren’t these the correct coordinates?”

I looked at the map carefully. I knew how to read maps, I’m fifteen! Fiona looked over my shoulder, inspecting the map. I was thinking, The evil is going to come. The evil is going to come. The evil is going to—

I heard a rumbling sound. Fiona must have, too. My long golden hair that went all the way down to the back of my knees got blown by the thin, crispy air. All of a sudden, Fiona’s skin turned pale and she was a dark-skinned girl. Then we knew something weird was happening. My skin was discolored too!

I heard fierce yelling from the attackers. It sounded evil. The rumbling sound was a cannon. Another battle was about to begin. And I was the leader of the defenders.

There was no peace, just pure evil. Peace and evil. My name is Naheh Crosshart, and my best friend is Fiona Aronson. Our story is creepy, but peaceful at the beginning.


Published by Synzorasize

I play a variety of games. Synzorasize is my game name, haha.

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