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(TRD) Prologue

Zeka coughed. Even though the cough made her really tired, she could still think clearly but she couldn’t sleep. Her wings had shriveled up. Zeka’s body was so hot that her red skin was sweltering. She had blurry vision so she could barely see the huge marks on the ceiling. It was a strange flu-like illness which could be fatal. 

She had the illness since yesterday, but it had already progressed so much. Her family couldn’t figure out what it was.

And there wasn’t much to do but to wait for herself to convalesce in bed and her mother, Lilac, to go get the medicine from the forest. But she couldn’t heal until she got immediate treatment.

But at least Zeka’s younger brother, Lopen, was here. He was supposed to monitor her every few minutes.

Zeka went into another fit of coughing and started coughing out blood. It only made her feel worse and more sick inside. She felt like she needed something cold all over her body right now.

“Lopen, get me some ice!” Zeka called out very uncomfortably.

She thought it a surprise that he could hear her when he called back, “We’re out of ice, remember?”

Zeka groaned, not only because she was disappointed. Another spasm of coughing was coming up.

Am I going to die? wondered Zeka.

All of a sudden, there was a glass window crack resounding somewhere from the room Lopen was in. There were unusual voices. Then she heard screaming from an unmistakable voice. A gunshot. A thud. More unusual voices. The banging on the door made Zeka sit up in immense fear.

Oh no, what’s happening?! Lopen?! Zeka panicked. She was worried, anxious, scared, confused, dizzy and millions of other emotions.

Luckily, the bedroom door was locked, so they couldn’t get in. Easily, anyway. But panic gave her a temporary burst of strength.

Zeka struggled stressfully to her feet to see what she could do. Almost immediately, her body felt slushy and her vision became really blurry. 

Agh! she thought, falling flat on her dresser.

She heard bashing. They were going to come inside any millisecond now.

Zeka opened the dresser drawer and saw a portal device. She took it and slid out a code with her clawed fingers.

“Don’t ever use this unless you’re in a huge emergency, Zeka lin Lilac.” had said her mother. But what else is a huge emergency other than getting killed?  She didn’t have a window to jump out of, so this was her only option.

Zeka fell against her dresser again but managed to moan, “Take me to safety!” A blue flash occured right before her eyes. The door was about to break… she felt so hot, so dizzy… she needed to go… this is bad… Zeka took a deep breath and jumped in with all her might.

The portal closed when the door immediately came open.

But now Zeka did not know where she was. The portal device had taken her to a random place. It was muddy black with no sign of life and tons of bare, dead trees and thick undergrowth. 

A sudden paroxysm came into her, she fell coughing out blood. She felt she was dying, dead by maybe not those creatures, but by the illness itself.

I can’t win, she thought miserably, as she settled down into what she thought was endless sleep.

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