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Announcement – 5/12/21

Well, just so it doesn’t look like I dropped off the planet again, I will just post! 🙂 Since I have a ton of interests and a ton of (unfinished) stories that I haven’t found time to work on, I will just publish them all at once! 😀 So TCXDR will take a while. I will try to find time to publish chapter 14 (draft 2 chapter 14, anyway, with draft 1, it would be 17) when I lose interest in Evolution (the story I was video editing, lol.)

I decided to work on editing Evolution I since you know, I wanted to publish it, lol. The first part is up on my channel:

Sorry for the low quality! I had to zoom it in since my brother recorded the entire screen instead of only the play area, lol. Also, my brother missed a few parts so there are a few gaps in time.

This is basically a story we recorded two years ago in a flash game called Everybody Edits (that is now dead sadly, but there is still EE offline)! Starting with Horkball Town invaders! 😉 It used to be a roleplay before but now I think it's a wonderful story! We're on Evo III right now, but why not publish Evo I first? It is also good practice for video editing! 🙂 You can also enjoy funny commentary! 😉

Intro music: Last Day at Home (
Calming Youtube music from the Youtube editor.
Everybody Edits!
Davinci Resolve
Maria (my friend)
My youngest brother! 😀

That is the description of the video, lol. You can watch it if you want to (and please comment so I can get feedback) but if you don’t want to, that is perfectly fine. Just note that I will be working on other things other than TCXDR (after all, I do want to get more readers outside of the Sims).

I have been thinking about another unfinished story that I wanted to publish as well, which is called A Girl of Many, which is just realistic fiction, lol. It does feature dark and melancholy themes though but it’s basically about a girl named Felicia Flores who has parents who fight a lot. That is basically it, but I don’t want to get my hands way too full, xD.

So right now I am working on Evolution I Part 2, which is a continuation of the war that ends in Part 1. (Just so you know, the plotline is really random in Evolution I and II since like in real life, I couldn’t get my priorities straight, xD. So a lot of random things happen in these episodes. By Evolution III, though, it stabilizes.)

After I finish Part 2, perhaps I can move onto chapter 14 of TCXDR! 😀 Then I will probably publish a chapter of another story. Just so you know, I will also take some time to edit chapter 14 so it doesn’t end up being garbage, lol. Since I am moving into Draft 2.


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