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Zeka woke up in a new place. Is this the Dead? she wondered. It was Ician thirteenth as far as she knew.

She then saw three people looking down at her. One was a vampire, seemingly a very powerful one. Another was a knight, with a lot of heavy black armor on. The last was a very warty old witch, who was holding a cup of some very bitter medicine that she chugged down Zeka’s throat. Seconds later, her fever started to come down. Her coughing, sneezing and her dizziness seemed to be gone, or at least not as worse as it had terribly been.

Zeka sat up slowly and let out a crooked, “Hi.” The knight said, “Hello, young devil. I’m Exia, a Dark Knight.” The voice sounded like a young woman’s. The vampire said, “I’m Xeno. I own this lodge. Wart here is my maid.”

Zeka smiled. She knew she couldn’t possibly be dead if she were meeting them. Also, she doubted creatures could own lodges in the Dead.

“Okay, I’m Zeka lin Lilac, a Demon of Bones, or rather, Devil of Bones,” she introduced herself.

The other three seemed quite surprised. “You’re the daughter of Lilac?” asked Exia. “Yes?” Zeka replied, confused.

“Well, we saw her fighting about a mile from here, and there was a gunshot,” she explained. “She put up a great fight for them though. Ugh, disgusting humans, their guns will surely lead us to death…”

Zeka stared. Her mother was also dead? Was she an orphan now? And all alone? “You know about it?” she asked.

“You lived right next to our land,”  Xeno grumbled.

Zeka was shocked. No wonder they knew. And she’d never even known they lived here.

“I also have a brother, Lopen xen Lilac, and I think he died, too. He got shot,” Zeka said miserably.

Exia nodded. “We know him, too. And it’s saddening to see that he passed by those puny creatures’ weapons.”

“He didn’t know how to fight yet. He wasn’t old enough to learn. And being a Devil of Bones, his main role would be to hunt anyway. There were also too many of them, and they all were trying to bash my door open after killing him. I could only get out using the portal device. It was left behind, though.” Zeka wailed. “But why did that have to happen?”

Xeno snorted in disgust and said, “They either do it for ‘the cause’ where they kill us dark creatures to eliminate ‘the bad’ or they do it for human money. If they kill someone formidable like Lilac, they could easily buy a lodge like mine. And by now, they might have turned your cottage into rubble. They usually do. So nothing left.”

He looked like he was about to go into true vampire form: the form in which he usually fights or bites someone. Exia bristled, as if she wanted to stab all the humans right now. Wart’s nose wrinkled in abhorrence at the humans.

Zeka stared off into empty space. She figured they held grudges against humans for something, too. And now, she herself had something to hold against them, too.

Before the incident, Zeka didn’t know what humans actually were. Whenever someone would mention humans, she’d think of it as food in context, because Lilac sometimes served it to her and Lopen.

But now those creatures had killed her mother & brother by ganging up on them. Lilac must have killed plenty of them before she went down. Besides, demons are very agile and can dodge gunshot bullets easily, and Lilac was a great fighter, too. So they must have shot her all at once and one might have hit her.

Lopen, however, was probably paralyzed and easily went down without a fight.

“C-can I stay with you guys now?”  Zeka asked. “I’m pretty sure they raided my home and left nothing to come back to. I am just a devil, thirteen years old.”

“All dark creatures are welcome, devil. Besides, we and your mom were on good terms,” Xeno said, smiling. Zeka smiled and replied, “Thanks.”

Abruptly, he turned to Wart and yelled, “WartStitch us a bed for Zeka!” Only Zeka had flinched at his voice. Perhaps Exia and Wart were used to his sudden commands.

“Yes, sir!” she quickly replied, and went off somewhere.

Exia said to Zeka enthusiastically, “Welcome to our family, Zeka, and I hope you like it here.”

“I will,” Zeka replied, smiling broadly. She was going to live here in peace, safety, comfort, and maybe even that forbidden word for dark creatures, love. 

Lilac’s home was the best haven for Zeka, and Zeka knew every nook and cranny of it. She was slightly attached to some things in the house. Lilac and Lopen were the only two people she ever needed. In fact, they were the only two people she knew at all. She loved them a lot and vice versa. Lilac had taught her how to speak fluently so that she could speak to strangers if necessary like right now.

But now they were gone. And so was the cottage. Since Zeka only knew Lilac and Lopen, it meant she now knew no one who was alive after they died. Which was terrifying. Well, almost immediately, she met these three nice people, but she didn’t know them well like she did her mother and brother. 

But at least they would take her in and she would probably get to know them. This was great for her. She hoped this was going to be a good place to live.

Author’s Note:

So I was really sick the past few days and couldn’t really accomplish anything, haha. I was definitely not in the mood to write TCXDR or Harmony posts (which unlike TRD or PE, I don’t have any finished chapters that can be published yet), so I published this, though I edited it somewhat for Draft 3. 🙂 I can’t even tell how many days have passed since I last posted, lol. I am still feeling dizzy somewhat, but hopefully the next post will be a TCXDR post. 🙂 If I will be in the mood to boot up Sims 4 and get more pictures anyway. Lol.

Zeka is still similar to Xim, somewhat! 😀 So yay? At least Zeka is getting adopted? Lol.


The Dead: The Dead is the place where dark creatures go when they die. So Lilac and Lopen went there. 😮

Ician: There are thirty-six months in a Demon year. The first twelve are the human months. Ician is the twenty-second month, so the second October of the Demon year. 🙂

lin/xen: daughter of/son of so-and-so demon. The mother’s name usually goes before the father’s name since the mother usually raises the child. 😉

Devil of Bones: A demon’s young stage is a devil. A Demon of Bones’ role is mainly hunting. Roles like Demon of Claws are mainly fighting and Demon of Chaos are mainly ruling over others. So yep.

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