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(Harmony) Chapter 1 – A Quiet Morning

Lezo was talking with his best friend, Ben, on the porch of the backyard. It was a peaceful day in the country of Harmony. And Lezo thought that it was perfect for a summer day. He wanted to stay outdoors instead of staying cooped up in the house all the time.

He thought about getting money and being independent, not having to depend on his father. He wondered what kind of job he should get. He was too young to have a full-time job but he could still get a part-time one.

Lezo looked around for his father. He figured that his father would be back from work soon. Of course, being a geneticist in Harmony meant that he couldn’t disclose certain information about work, since there was confidential information. Including when he would come back.

“Are you sure that you will be good at programming algorithms?” Ben asked humorously. “You didn’t exactly get top-notch math grades.”

“You know that I suck at schoolwork, right? I am still smart, I just need to be in my own space. School is suffocating,” Lezo returned slyly.

“I think so, too, but I still do the schoolwork even if I am not great at the subject,” Ben said matter-of-factly. He shrugged. “What job are you getting?”

Lezo wondered about the job. “One which I can do well, of course. And that is doing algorithms!”

He always wanted to do something relating to sorting things unlike genetics like his father, such as making an algorithm for determining which house a person or people should live in. His father wanted him to be a geneticist like himself (geneticist was a renowned profession), but Lezo just didn’t like it for some reason.

“I think it’s too complicated. Is it even interesting?” Lezo had asked his father one day, and his father was shocked. So he decided to tell Lezo about how they create new men for the population and how interesting it was. He didn’t say anything confidential, though, such as who or what incubated those men.

The computer algorithms interested Lezo more, however. He had spent a lot of time researching the technology behind it. He had made a basic computer program using the native language of computers. His younger brother, Jack, was interested in it and liked it, but their father wasn’t. He did not want to encourage Lezo further on this path since he wanted his sons to be geneticists like him, like a legacy profession.

Ben told him solemnly, “Well, you need to tell your dad, then. He isn’t just going to let you do it behind his back, right?”

Lezo shrugged. “He’d better get used to the fact that I won’t bend to his will. Maybe he can have Jack become a geneticist. Otherwise…” He smirked deviously. Lezo wouldn’t be easy to control and he could sometimes get way out of hand.

“Jack isn’t interested, though, is he?” Ben replied quietly.

“Nope, definitely not. He hasn’t said what he wanted to be or do other than genetics, though,“ Lezo said.

“I think he is more interested in his friends,” Ben laughed.

“True.” Lezo knew that anything that wasn’t related to science was not really considered a true profession in Harmony.

Then Lezo looked at the time. Six fifteen. And his father still wasn’t home. Lezo didn’t care, though. He was independent all his life. He especially didn’t need someone controlling him.

“I think I will find one by myself,” he said. “I don’t care a f— what he says.”

“Okay, well, suit yourself, I guess. You would need to hide it from him, though,” Ben shrugged.

Lezo just nodded and left saying, “You know what, I will find one right now.”

Computer programming was more interesting than genetics to Lezo. I still don’t find any fun in it, he thought.

He only wanted to be independent from his father so he wouldn’t have to see his face. He also wanted to be productive, and not to stay at home doing nothing but homework and computer programming (without pay).

Ben just watched him leave, a little stunned, but he was used to Lezo’s spontaneity. He then wondered if Lezo even liked his father. Ben wouldn’t be that surprised if he didn’t, but a little surprised if he did. To him, Lezo seemed like the type who would leave the house at nineteen and find his own place way before his father had to kick him out. Ben wasn’t too sure about Jack, but he figured Jack would most likely live with his friends after they all moved out. Lezo and him were only ten months apart, anyway.

Ben just shrugged and decided to go back home. His father was waiting for him anyway.


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